Rules Of The Zoo

For the safety of our visitors, as well as our beloved animals, please familiarize yourself with our facility rules.

Please be respectful of all zoo property, staff, visitors, and most importantly, our animals. Our animals are present for your appreciation, NOT your harassment. (NO teasing, yelling, taunting, growling, or roaring)

NO chasing any animal(s) that may be free ranging the zoo.

NO climbing on or shaking of any fencing and/or gates.

ALL children (0-16 years) must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

NO rough play, wrestling, running, etc. while on the zoo property.

For the well-being of our animals, absolutely NO OUTSIDE ANIMAL FEEDS OR GRASS. NO EXCEPTIONS. Violators will be asked to leave with NO REFUND.

Always use approved feeding method only while hand feeding the animals. No feeding with your mouth or any other stupid method.

NO alcohol and NO smoking. (Roscommon Zoo reserves the right to deny entry to any person(s) who appear(s) to be intoxicated.)

Sanitize your hands upon completion of feeding and petting the animals.

NO pets (we have no way of knowing how our animals will react to your pet nor how your pet will react to our animals. For this reason, please make other arrangements for your pet when visiting. All service animals must be accompanied by a valid certificate and additional rules may apply.)

Please return all feed buckets to the gift shop prior to leaving and discard any trash.

The Roscommon Zoo appreciates your cooperation in an effort to make for enjoyable experiences by all, including our animal family.